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WMB Pride’s Tips For When You Put Your Bike Away For The Winter

Winter is fast approaching and so is the cold weather that comes along with this time of year. Storing your motorcycle away for the winter isn’t as simple as putting it in the garage, so we’ve set out some helpful tips and instructions on what to do to your bike to prepare it for storage. […]

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You Voted For Britain’s Best Motorcycle Café Pitstops

We’ve rounded up 23 of the most popular cafes around the UK to pitstop for food whilst you’re out and about on your motorcycle, as voted for by you guys over on our Facebook page ‘WMB Pride’. The list covers all areas of the UK, reaching as far south as Redruth and as far north […]

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WMB Pride Attends The Isle Of Man TT

June sees the Isle of Man TT taking over the small island off the west coast of England for an amazing spectacle of racing, and WMB Pride are proud to have their name on bikes ridden by Dan Cooper and a sidecar outfit manned by Wayne Lockey and Kenny Cole. Paul Lusty, one of our […]

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Camera on Bike

The Best Camera To Use Whilst Riding

We all love to make memories and motorbike riders are no different, that’s why many of you may have seen riders with GoPro’s or other camera equipment attached to them or their bike whilst out on the road. Some do it to film their ride while others do it for safety reasons to record their […]

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How To Get Motorbike Fit

Over the colder, winter months, much like the rugged bear, a lot of bike riders and bikes will go into hibernation. We can’t say we blame you; the weather in England is never really that amazing even when it’s supposed to be summer! However, when the time comes to bring your two-wheeled beast out of […]

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What To Pack If You’re Going On Tour

It’s impossible to list everything that you’re going to need when going on tour, largely because all tours are different. However, we’ve compiled a rough guide of what you’re going to want; both the must-haves and also some suggestions of what you might want to take. Obviously you’re limited to your luggage space – and […]

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WMB Pride Is Getting Around

For those who regularly visit our site and follow what we do here at WMB Group, you’ll know that we recently launched our own premium range of motorcycle cleaning products – WMB Pride. We’ve got Wash, Shine, Revive and Lube that covers your bike, your chain and even revives the insides of your kit. What […]

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