WMB Pride’s Tips For When You Put Your Bike Away For The Winter

Winter is fast approaching and so is the cold weather that comes along with this time of year. Storing your motorcycle away for the winter isn’t as simple as putting it in the garage, so we’ve set out some helpful tips and instructions on what to do to your bike to prepare it for storage.

Take care of your battery

One of the biggest problems motorcycle owners face when bringing their bike back out from storage is their battery dying, leaving them a hefty bill to replace it or taking a huge loss when selling it on.

When it comes to looking after your battery over the winter months, it’s a matter of buying a battery charger or conditioner to keep your bike’s battery from going dead. These can increase the lifespan of the bikes battery and allow you a swift set up when you take it out of storage next spring. These can be purchased online or at your local dealer.

Clean out your engine oil

A big part of motorcycle maintenance before it goes into storage is changing your bike’s old oil. Once it has set, old oil is corrosive and will harm the inside of its container. The best thing to do to avoid old oil affecting your bike is to drain it and replace it with clean oil. Replacing the oil removes the dirt and water that could have entered the system while riding.

Protect your tyres

When storing your bike it is best to keep it on a stand where the tyres are not touching the ground, or have as little pressure on them as possible. This is because tyres are malleable and can form flat spots when left pressured in the same position for a prolonged amount of time. To avoid this happening while your bike is in storage it is best to keep your bike on a stand, regularly turning the wheels, while also keeping them off a hard surface. A piece of carpet normally works a treat, or to keep it on a stand where the wheels are in the air.

Wash it

Now this is self explanatory, putting your motorcycle away without cleaning it will ruin the paint work and overall look of the bike. When you wash your bike it is best to use a low powered hose, and of course Pride Wash. A good tip is to use two sets of buckets and sponges, and then you can use one set for the more sensitive areas of the bike and then the other set for the wheels and grittier areas to stop any grit sticking to the sponges and scratching the bikes paint work.

Here’s an example of what Pride can do with just a weak hose (we didn’t even touch it!)


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Lube the chain and polish the bike

Once all of the big jobs on the bike are done, it comes down to the smaller actions… but it’s worth noting that these are just as important. Use a motorcycle lube on the chain after washing and drying it in order to prevent rust – as the bike will not be moving for a few months, additional motorcycle lube is key to making sure all of the chain links are not going to rust and your ‘O’ rings don’t dry out. Make sure you’re topped up on Pride Lube.

When polishing your bike, household polishes are often silicone based or too aggressive to use, and will create static which will attract dust and dirt, therefore we suggest using a motorcycle polish such as Shine. Using a silicone free polish, such as Shine, will repel dust and dirt building up over the winter months, ruining the look of the bike. With this being said, after completing the final touches with your bike, covering it is very important. Get yourself a cover for your bike as an added layer of protection from dust and damp. We would suggest getting a cover that repels moisture so that it doesn’t get damp – which can be equally as damaging.

Revive your helmet, boots and kit

Now this may seem less important than caring for your bike over the winter, but keeping up the cleanliness of your helmet, boots and kit are hugely important! If you’ve ever put your helmet on after leaving it all winter, you’ll know why!

After cleaning the dirt, dust and whatever else off of the exterior of the helmet and boots, it’s time to focus on the interior. Simply spray Revive into the helmet to refresh the lining, leaving a pleasant, fresh interior. This can be repeated before you next use the helmet just to ensure it is ready for use. In regards to your boots and jacket, you can spray them as well to freshen their smell and get them ready for the next riding opportunity.


If you follow these simple tips and instructions when you put your bike and gear away for this coming winter then you will be all set come riding season next year.

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