WMB Pride Attends The Isle Of Man TT

June sees the Isle of Man TT taking over the small island off the west coast of England for an amazing spectacle of racing, and WMB Pride are proud to have their name on bikes ridden by Dan Cooper and a sidecar outfit manned by Wayne Lockey and Kenny Cole.

Paul Lusty, one of our directors here, went along to the event and wrote about his experience…

I was lucky enough to be invited to join Dan Cooper Motorsport for Race Week at the TT this year. Dan lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire and WMB Pride are very proud to help the team with some sponsorship.

Having visited the TT as a spectator in the past, it was very interesting to see the event from the viewpoint of the competitors and it gave me a real insight to the hard work that goes into racing at the TT.

Unable to join the team for practice week, I flew out from Bristol to Ronaldsway near Castletown, to the south of the island on Mad Sunday, the day when the public take on the course, and was met at the airport by Lee who drove me back to the paddock area where I met the team and sponsors.

Practice week had been a nightmare for the team with various events, culminating in Dan getting knocked off his CBR600 at over 150mph on Friday by a less experienced rider. Fortunately, he slid down the road and his RST leathers saved him from too much damage to himself, although the bike and leathers were a mess. This was fully rebuilt on Tuesday night once all the parts were available. This meant that Dan missed the first Supersport race on Monday but was able to race on Wednesday with a very credible 15th place – averaging 121.535 mph.

With three bikes on the island Dan had hoped for some better luck but with electrical problems on the Lightweight bike and the BMW 1000RR his TT was problematic to say the least.

Wayne had an equally disappointing TT. The Gloucestershire-based sidecar team blew three of their Honda 600cc engines during practice/qualifying and spent most of their time on the island with their sleeves rolled up turning spanners to get their outfit ready. The final blow was on the Friday of race week with the framework under the back of the sidecar snapping, with the rear dragging on the ground.

In all it was a disappointing TT for our sponsored riders but an amazing experience for myself to be involved from the paddock. I met some great people and many of the riders and gained an insight as to just how hard these guys work to ride in the TT. People often say that these guys must be mad, but I can assure you they are not. They spend a long time learning the course and even take time out to help each other and also help guys learning the course to race here in the future. Whilst they are very competitive on the course they have a huge amount of respect for each other and are a close community.

My week culminated in driving the Dan Cooper Motorsport race truck back to Gloucestershire with Dan in the early hours of Monday morning and grabbing a few hours’ sleep before work!

For 2019 we will be adding a new service for the TT. I spoke to so many people at this year’s event that couldn’t get a ferry across with their bike due to the crossings being full. We have decided that we can help by taking these bikes out on a truck the week before so that people can fly out and still have their bike on the island when they get there. We will then load them back up at the end of the week and bring them back too. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see more details as this plan develops!

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Paul Lusty


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