The Best Camera To Use Whilst Riding

We all love to make memories and motorbike riders are no different, that’s why many of you may have seen riders with GoPro’s or other camera equipment attached to them or their bike whilst out on the road. Some do it to film their ride while others do it for safety reasons to record their journey in case of accidents.

Whatever your reasoning behind wanting to attach a camera to your head, chest or bike we’ve teamed up with our good friend Gary France over at Tour1 and we’re here to talk about the best and safest ways to do exactly that…

Camera on Bike


Mounting the camera to your bike

The trouble with making videos of your rides is how to best mount the camera onto your motorcycle.

With small, modern video cameras, such as the GoPro range, the normal mounts that come with the camera can normally be used to stick the camera to your helmet, or to fix it to the handlebars, but with little adjustment. While both produce semi-acceptable results, most people would do better by having a much more flexible system that they could mount in many different places on their bike, in order to get many different camera angles.

This flexibility means your videos will become more interesting. After obviously trying out lots of options, Gary recommends that the best mounting system to use is a Mini Cardellini Clamp.

This clamp, when combined with a Manfrotto Micro Ball head, gives a considerable number of mounting options and camera angles on most motorcycles.



Using the clamp

 The thread on the round plate of the ball head will fit all cameras, just like on a normal camera tripod.  But if your camera happens to sit in a waterproof case (like most of the GoPro’s do) you may need to buy a GoPro adapter that allows the case to be joined to the normal tripod thread.

There are several other options out there and we know each individual will get along and have their own preferences when it comes to cameras and mounts but this is just our favourite from personal experience.

Below are just some other alternatives.

Alternative clamps


In terms of legality, you need to ensure you’re mounting your camera in a safe place. If you were planning on permanently adding a camera to your helmet, then it’s is a no-go. You cannot legally alter your helmet in this way; you will have to use a strap that can be easily removed.

Other places you can mount your camera are shown below

Guide to positions



Mini Cardellini Clamp

 This clamp is extremely well made and the jaws will fit into many parts of your bike to give plenty of camera positions. The jaws of the clamp are lined with neoprene which protects whatever it is you are fixing the clamp to.

Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball Head

 You will also need a Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball Head which will allow you to rotate and tilt the camera, even after it is fixed to the end of the clamp arm.

Adaptor Spigot

 In the UK the clamp comes with a 1/4-inch female thread on the end, so you will need a 3/8 to 1/4 spigot adapter to join the clamp to the Manfrotto Ball Head.

How to use


So now you know what you’ll need in order to mount a camera on your bike and how to do it correctly, go out there and make some magic! We’d love to see your videos – you’re welcome to tag us in them on Instagram @wmb_pride or send them to us on Facebook @WMBPride

We’d like to give a special thanks to our friends over at Tour1 for collaborating with us on this blog post. We recommend giving them a follow over on Facebook if you’re interested in all things Touring. You can find them at @tour1mcrides

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